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Referral Program

The UPCX Referral Program allows users to earn rewards by referring others to UPCX. Referral rewards are typically paid out in UPC, UPCX's native cryptocurrency. This program aims to encourage users to attract more people to UPCX, thus increasing the adaptation and usage of UPCX.

Referral rewards are based on a percentage of transaction fees incurred by the referred user.

When a new user creates an account with UPCX through the referral program, the user can set the address of the user who recommended UPCX as the referrer. Alternatively, the system can automatically link referrers and new users.

Transaction fees paid to UPCX by users registered through the referral program (referred users) will be distributed among three parties: Witnesses, Referrer, and Fee Pool.

A referred user's transaction fee will be split between two or three parties according to the parameter "d" that can be set by the Referrer.

Transaction Fee = UPCX (20%) + Referrer (30% = d%) + Fee Pool (80% - d%)

The basic value of “d” in UPCX is 30%.

Transaction fees paid by referred users will be divided during each maintenance period between Witnesses, the Referrer, and the UPCX Fee Pool.

Fees that are received as rewards will be available immediately, but fees that exceed a certain Vesting Threshold will be locked in a Vesting Account for a period of time determined by the UPCX Commission.

UPCX sets the Vesting Threshold at 100 UPC, and the amount above the Vesting Threshold is locked in UPCX for one year.


Referral programs also offer significant benefits for business operators.

For example, influencers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and marketing companies with many members and users can participate in the UPCX referral program and receive a part of the network fees generated by their members and users, both within and outside of their own platform.

Furthermore, it can provide MPA issuers with a new revenue model.

Generally, network fees that are generated from users are paid to miners and validators who maintain the network.

Following from that, the income of stablecoin issuers would usually come from backing assets such as fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, interests received on loans, or returns on investments.

However, such a business model carries significant risks. Essentially, the collateral that is used as backing asset must always be liquid to an amount that has the same or higher value than the corresponding stablecoin that is circulating in the market. In the unlikely event of a large loss, it might be difficult to keep sufficient collateral of the backing asset, resulting in the stablecoin to not be able to maintain its value.

By leveraging UPCX’s MPA together with the Referral Program, stablecoin issuers on UPCX will be able to earn solid returns.