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UPCX Hardware Wallet

UPCX offers a card-shaped hardware wallet for modern minimalists.

The evolution of Hardware Wallets: Portability and convenience

Most current hardware wallets rely on portable devices such as flash memory drives and usually require the use of a personal computer in order to use them. While such hardware wallets are still highly portable, they can be inconvenient for people who don't want to carry a bag or who often go out.

UPCX's Hardware Wallet is designed in the shape of a credit card, making it the perfect size for everyday carry. Its sleek, compact shape fits easily in your wallet or pocket, ensuring your digital assets are always with you and within reach.

Leveraging NFC technology for seamless transactions

The card-type UPCX Hardware Wallet utilizes NFC technology to enable smooth and secure transactions, working seamlessly with smartphones and NFC readers. Just swipe the card over an NFC-enabled device and have access to your digital assets at your control.

Robust security with quantum computer-resistant encryption technology

The UPCX Hardware Wallet employs a proprietary quantum computer-resistant cryptographic algorithm. This advanced security feature increases safety when using NFC.