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Super Application

UPCX’s mobile app integrates a variety of services that cover not just payments but many aspects of daily life.

For example, you can make restaurant reservations, purchase movie tickets, call taxis, pay utility bills and manage and operate assets all from a single app.

UPCX Super Application Overview

By using the UPCX wallet in the super app you can quickly complete payments simply by scanning a QR code or tapping your smartphone on an NFC reader.

UPCX Mobile Payment description

UPCX's smart contractsfunctionality also allows for scheduled and recurring payments, so you can even make payments for subscription services.

UPCX Schedule/Recurring Payments description

You can even make payments when you are not connected to the internet, so you can make payments wherever you are.

UPCX Offline Payments

UPCX’s super app does not stop at bundling together various services. Services from other apps can be integrated through UPCX, enabling users to protect their privacy while making effective use of their extensive activity history, allowing them to enjoy a new lifestyle.

For example, a user books a trip through the UPCX super app and departs. By leaving reviews of services and products that are directly linked to the user’s behavior history, such as payments at a travel destination, reviews that are based on real experiences could be verified for which the user could be rewarded for his/her contribution. UPCX users could use such rewards to watch their next movie at a cinema or enjoy dinner at a restaurant.

UPCX Connecting Digital Realm with Real Wolrd

In the same way as X (formerly Twitter) started to pay users according to the number of impressions of their posts, we are starting to shift into an era where users can directly earn revenue by contributing in a new way to business that they have visited, such as by submitting verified reviews.

Of course, this can also be achieved on a service-to-service level. However, a platform that is not limiting the use of such activity histories to specific services can maximize the benefits of both businesses and users.

UPCX is not just designed for Web3, but also for use cases in Web2 and the real world, and will therefore play an active role as a platform for the new era.