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· 2 min read

UPCX x MudAI Partnership

We at UPCX are immensely proud to announce the formation of a partnership with MudAi. In this article, we will provide an overview of MudAi and explain how the collaboration with UPCX will bring benefits to both parties. UPCX is very excited about the future projects and initiatives that will be undertaken in collaboration with MudAi!

About MudAi

MudAi is a communication platform rooted in artificial intelligence technology and enhanced by the utilization of blockchain technology. Through its proprietary advanced technology, MudAi aims to lower the entry barriers, enabling users to effortlessly immerse themselves in the metaverse. Furthermore, it is dedicated to constructing a metaverse ecosystem that fosters a harmonious circulation among its diverse members, including enterprises, developers, and users.

MudAI planned Office Oasis

MudAi's official website and SNS list

The Future of UPCX and MudAi

We are continuously working hard to provide detailed announcements, so please look forward to them. We anticipate that MudAi will become a significant project within the early ecosystem of UPCX, and we look forward to the synergistic effects of their metaverse technology combined with UPCX's payment technology. Please stay tuned for the future of both projects.


We are honored to have formed a new partnership with MudAi and would like to express our gratitude for the robust support from MudAi. UPCX is genuinely excited to collaborate with MudAi to provide excellent service to our users. Through this partnership, UPCX remains committed to expanding our ecosystem and eagerly anticipates the next developments. Stay tuned!

Learn more about UPCX

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White Paper 1.0


· 2 min read

UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD. (UPCX) a developer of an open-source payment system based on a high-speed blockchain optimized for payment and financial services, and VNX Commodities AG (VNX), a European company that generates stablecoins and tokenizes Real-World Assets (RWA), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly create value through business and marketing activities.

The companies have agreed to:

  • Collaborate to deploy VNX stablecoins (VEUR and VCHF) and tokenized gold(VNXAU) on the UPCX blockchain.

  • Collaborate in business development and marketing activities, particularly in the EU and Japan.

  • Cooperate on the effective use and integration of each other's technologies in the solutions developed and deployed by both companies.

UPCX is committed to improving financial solutions and payments using blockchain technology, with the mission to provide users with easily accessible blockchain payment services globally.

VNX, based in Liechtenstein and registered under the Blockchain Act by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein, generates multi-chain tokens "VNX Euro (VEUR)" and "VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF)" referencing the Euro and Swiss franc, the two major legal currencies of the EU. VNX stablecoins combine the advantages of traditional currencies with the convenience of cryptocurrencies, enabling quick, low-cost, and 24/7 international transfers, and provide opportunities for extensive DeFi (Decentralized Finance) with stable assets. VNX also generates 'VNX Gold (VNXAU)', the first European gold-backed token, which represents individual ownership of physical gold.

UPCX CEO, Makoto Nakano:

"Since its inception, UPCX has aimed to globally deploy a truly practical blockchain payment network in terms of user convenience and scalability. Our partnership with VNX, a pioneer in compliant asset tokenization and stablecoin generation in Europe, is a significant step towards realizing UPCX's mission."

VNX CEO, Alexander Tkachenko:

"VNX aims to broadly deploy various traditional financial assets into the crypto world. There is significant affinity between VNX, which places the highest importance on safety, reliability, and user convenience while complying with European laws, and UPCX's vision to provide a convenient and practical scalable network."

UPCX will continue to develop its business globally, pursuing opportunities for collaborations with various blockchain and virtual asset service providers.

About UPCX

UPCX is a digital asset trading application development company, committed to providing users worldwide with a safe, transparent, and legally compliant platform using blockchain technology.

White Paper 1.0


· One min read

UPCX Platforms PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as UPCX), the developer of "UPCX" - the open source high-speed blockchain payment system optimized for payments and financial services - has started accepting applications to participate in the closed beta testing of its UPCX Wallet and UPCX DEX. Eligible users will be able to experience both products before they are released to the public on UPCX's testnet.

The beta test will be conducted with 100 users, who will be randomly selected if there are more applications.

Please apply using the application form below (※In case that no form is displayed, please try to reload the page or access the form directly.)

· 2 min read

UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as UPCX), the developer of "UPCX" - the for payments and financial services optimized high-speed blockchain open source payment system - plans to look for preliminary test users that are interested to participate in the closed beta test of its "UPCX DEX".

“UPCX DEX” is UPCX’s unique decentralized exchange that facilitates seamless conversion between various currency pairs and enables timely, accurate, and cost-effective transfers between senders and recipients. The closed beta version is scheduled to be released in May 2024 and we are planning to look for users to try out this service in advance of its official release.

In the closed beta version we plan to accomplish the following:

  • Trade and exchange "UPC" and "UIA"s on the testnet. ("UPC" is UPCX’s native token and "UIA"s are digital tokens created and managed by users or organizations within UPCX).

  • Check transaction history and transaction details on the UPCX block explorer

By conducting this test, UPCX aims to enhance its understanding of user needs and to further improve the services and functionalities of its "UPCX DEX", getting several steps closer toward its official release.

We will inform you about the test specifics and the recruitment period at a later date.

· 2 min read

UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as UPCX), the developer of a high-speed blockchain open source payment system that is optimized for payments and financial services, plans to look for preliminary test users for its "UPCX Wallet".

The "UPCX Wallet" is a new convenient blockchain wallet, that strives for easy and intuitive use, just like the wallet apps of conventional mobile payment services. UPCX plans to look for UPCX supporters that would like to try out the wallet in advance of its official release in a closed beta test that is scheduled for April 2024.

While blockchain offers many advantages such as decentralization, transparency and security, the technology and industry still faces many challenges. Especially in comparison to established payment solutions, users that are accustomed to traditional payment systems can find blockchain confusing and difficult to use.

UPCX is developing its "UPCX Wallet" in the believe that by creating a wallet that can be used in a few simple steps similar to the creation of an email account, and by providing a simple block explorer that can be understood at a glance, blockchain-based payments can be made accessible to more users.

By conducting this test, UPCX aims to further improve the services and functionalities of its "UPCX Wallet" and to get closer toward its official release.

We will inform you about the test specifics and the recruitment period at a later date.

· One min read

UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD., the developer of an high-speed blockchain open source payment system that is optimized for payments and financial services, has recently concluded a business partnership agreement with Paycle Inc.

Since its founding in 2018, Paycle Inc. has been conducting research and development in the fields of Blockchain, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms with the mission of creating a better future through the power of technology. "Aiming to not just be another blockchain project, but to build the foundation for a new financial ecosystem that everyone can access safely and efficiently", UPCX expects to greatly benefit from Paycle's knowledge in the Fintech and Blockchain field as well as from the practical application of several Web3 related international patents that are currently applied for. UPCX furthermore believes that this strategic partnership will result in accelerated development of its products and services.

From here on, by collaborating with Paycle, UPCX will continue to develop the innovative products and services that they strive for.

· One min read

UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD. has updated its homepage.

In this update, we added a concept video and a digest of the whitepaper on the top page, aiming to provide a more easily understandable explanation of UPCX and its future. We will continue to improve this page, so look forward to future updates.