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UPCX plans the recruitment of test users for its “UPCX Wallet”

· 2 min read

UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as UPCX), the developer of a high-speed blockchain open source payment system that is optimized for payments and financial services, plans to look for preliminary test users for its "UPCX Wallet".

The "UPCX Wallet" is a new convenient blockchain wallet, that strives for easy and intuitive use, just like the wallet apps of conventional mobile payment services. UPCX plans to look for UPCX supporters that would like to try out the wallet in advance of its official release in a closed beta test that is scheduled for April 2024.

While blockchain offers many advantages such as decentralization, transparency and security, the technology and industry still faces many challenges. Especially in comparison to established payment solutions, users that are accustomed to traditional payment systems can find blockchain confusing and difficult to use.

UPCX is developing its "UPCX Wallet" in the believe that by creating a wallet that can be used in a few simple steps similar to the creation of an email account, and by providing a simple block explorer that can be understood at a glance, blockchain-based payments can be made accessible to more users.

By conducting this test, UPCX aims to further improve the services and functionalities of its "UPCX Wallet" and to get closer toward its official release.

We will inform you about the test specifics and the recruitment period at a later date.