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About UPCX's Partnership with MudAi

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UPCX x MudAI Partnership

We at UPCX are immensely proud to announce the formation of a partnership with MudAi. In this article, we will provide an overview of MudAi and explain how the collaboration with UPCX will bring benefits to both parties. UPCX is very excited about the future projects and initiatives that will be undertaken in collaboration with MudAi!

About MudAi

MudAi is a communication platform rooted in artificial intelligence technology and enhanced by the utilization of blockchain technology. Through its proprietary advanced technology, MudAi aims to lower the entry barriers, enabling users to effortlessly immerse themselves in the metaverse. Furthermore, it is dedicated to constructing a metaverse ecosystem that fosters a harmonious circulation among its diverse members, including enterprises, developers, and users.

MudAI planned Office Oasis

MudAi's official website and SNS list

The Future of UPCX and MudAi

We are continuously working hard to provide detailed announcements, so please look forward to them. We anticipate that MudAi will become a significant project within the early ecosystem of UPCX, and we look forward to the synergistic effects of their metaverse technology combined with UPCX's payment technology. Please stay tuned for the future of both projects.


We are honored to have formed a new partnership with MudAi and would like to express our gratitude for the robust support from MudAi. UPCX is genuinely excited to collaborate with MudAi to provide excellent service to our users. Through this partnership, UPCX remains committed to expanding our ecosystem and eagerly anticipates the next developments. Stay tuned!

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