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Decision Making Process

UPCX Governance Diagram

Public Proposal

Public proposals can be submitted by UPC holders and Workers.

Public proposals are not submitted directly from UPC Holders to the Committee, but are discussed at LTM hosted forums, and only those that pass the discussion are submitted to the Committee for review (Public Vote). Only Proposals that pass the screening will be executed.

Committee Proposal

Committee proposals are suggestions raised by committee members. As the committee is made up of Witnesses who have been elected by the UPCX community in advance, committee proposals can be quickly advanced and implemented.

Public Vote

The public vote is a vote by committee members on whether to approve the proposed issues. A proposed issue will be published as a new issue when more than half of the committee members vote in favor for it. Issues are published to Workers and wait for Workers to propose solutions. The committee selects and assigns issues to Workers who wish to participate in the task.

Task Voting

This is a vote to review the solution of the Workers that were assigned to a specific issue and to decide which solution should be accepted. Voting is done by the members of the committee, and if more than half of the members agree on a solution (approve), this solution will be implemented on the blockchain as a hard fork or soft fork.

Workers whose work is implemented will be compensated by the UPCX network.

UPCX Worker Diagram


  1. Any Witness can raise an issue to the Committee. The issue that is raised can be everything form a simple change to a major update that would require a hard fork.
  2. The Committee holds an election to decide whether to publish the issue.
  3. If more than half of the Witnesses agree to work on the raised issue, the Committee publishes the issue to the Workers.
  4. The Workers check the issue and make solution proposals.
  5. The Committee reviews the proposals and vote on reliable Workers.
  6. The elected Workers begin working on the issue.
  7. Workers who have completed their work submit their deliverables to the Committee.
  8. The Committee reviews the deliverables and selects the best solution.
  9. UPCX will be updated with the selected solution, and Workers whose solution is adopted will be rewarded with UPC and/or other tokens.