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Lifetime member (LTM)

A Lifetime Member (LTM) is an entity with the right to act as a Witness for the UPCX blockchain. To become an LTM, you need to purchase a membership for a certain amount of UPC.

UPC holder

A UPC holder is an entity that holds UPC. UPC holders participate in the decentralized governance of UPCX by voting on LTMs during Witness election based on the amount of UPC that they hold.


Witnesses are entities responsible for verifying transactions and adding blocks to the UPCX blockchain. Witnesses are elected from within the LTMs by the UPCX community based on UPC holder votes.


The committee is made up of elected Witness members. The main role and responsibility of the committee is to make various proposals regarding the operation of the UPCX network and to appoint “Workers”, who are members of the developer community.

The committee has a quorum of 11 members, whose term of office is subject to repeated voting and election at regular intervals. The interval is set to 24 hours.


Any UPCX account holder who is a member of the UPCX developer community can become a Worker. The Worker's main role is to propose solutions to the issues raised by the UPCX committee. The UPCX committee reviews suggestions from Workers and selects Workers to delegate tasks to.

Workers who solve challenges are rewarded by the UPCX network.