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UIA (User Issued Asset)

User Issued Asset (UIA) is a type of digital token within UPCX that is created and managed by a UPCX user or organization.

UIAs enable users to create their own tokens with specific properties, rules, and functionalities tailored to their specific needs. These tokens can represent anything from shares in a company, reward points, loyalty tokens, or even digital representations of physical assets.

In UPCX, the person or organization issuing the UIA has control over its supply and can freely decide on parameters like transferability, divisibility, and various other properties. Furthermore, UIA also has other benefits such as the ability to create Whitelists to limit possible UIA holders and to allow trading and transfer only in specific pre-defined currency pairs.

Depending on the settings and rules, UIAs can be traded on UPCX’s decentralized exchange (DEX). This allows users to trade and transfer ownership of assets in a secure and decentralized manner.