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UPCX - Beyond Payments

“An open-source payment system based on a high-speed blockchain optimized for payments and financial services."

UPCX is a super app-enabled open source payment system employing:

  • a blockchain that enables high-speed payment settlement at the same level as existing financial institutions
  • an ecosystem that makes financial transactions more efficient and multi-functional
  • an integrated development and usage environment that makes it easy for anyone to participate.

Specifically designed for use in payments and financial services, UPCX exceeds the current requirements of today’s payment scene by offering practical-level performance and scalability comparable to credit cards and mobile payments, as well as near instant payment finality and settlement.

Using Software Development Kits / Application Programming Interfaces (SDKs/APIs) and extensive libraries, UPCX allows the easy development of financial smart contracts as well as the creation and issuance of fungible tokens - User Issued Asset(UIA) - and non-fungible tokens - NFA (Non-Fungible Asset) - for users and business operators.

Furthermore, UPX enables the issuance of stablecoins - Market Pegged Asset(MPA) - that are pegged to prices of real-world assets, including fiat currencies and commodities, by a highly reliable price oracle. This means that even the trading of real-world assets can be handled and completed within UPCX.

All assets that exist on UPCX can be used for payments and transfers such as remittances through the UPCX software wallet. UPCX enables same-asset payments and remittances but is specifically designed to also enable cross-asset transactions where the sender and receiver use different assets. Furthermore, all assets can be freely traded at any time on UPCX’s own Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Conducting business today requires various payment methods and scenarios, for which UPCX’s financial smart contracts are the perfect solution:

  1. scheduled payments
  2. recurring payment
  3. automatic withdrawals (with permission)
  4. non-custodial escrow
  5. multi-signature permission payment Users can build their own specific payment scenarios by further customizing these smart contracts in UPCX.

UPCX utilizes smart contracts – one of the strengths of blockchain technology – to their fullest to respond to a wide range of increasingly sophisticated and complicated payment and financial services.

In order to promote the real-life use and utility of UPCX and allow users and businesses to seamlessly enjoy the benefits of UPCX, we actively pursue the development of Point of Sale (POS) applications and terminals, links with cryptocurrency ATMs (including a self-developed UPCX system), as well as a messaging function that helps to facilitate communication during transactions. Additionally, we also provide APIs and SDKs to encourage third-party developments.

In order to keep our users’ assets safe, we are working on a hardware wallet and cryptographic algorithms that are resistant to quickly respond to threats posed by the future Quantum Computer Era.

By using a super app that integrates all these functions, users can not just make payments, while but also handle daily life matters like reservations, orders, messaging, asset management, and investments, while utilizing their activity history all from within the same app. This integration enables an unrivaled user experience.

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