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Developer related

To spread the use of blockchain-based payment systems, it is important to create and expand an attractive ecosystem that is appealing to users and encourages frequent use.

We believe that this can be achieved by making the use enjoyable while providing appealing benefits.

Expansions of the ecosystem requires the participation of as many service providers as possible. In order to attract developers who will be at the core of service provision, it is necessary to lower the difficulty of participation in the ecosystem and remove barriers.

In other words, the important factor is how easily and quickly system development and collaboration can be done at a low cost.

UPCX achieves this by diversifying the development languages for smart contracts, which are one of the core technologies of blockchain, and by realizing seamless collaboration between on-chain and off-chain via blockchain oracles.

Additionally, we also need an approach to users who are already utilizing blockchain.

While there are multiple blockchains, blockchain users tend to rely on and support one specific blockchain. By being able to connect to various blockchains seamlessly, it is possible to improve the usage rate of blockchain payments among all kinds of blockchain core users.


UPCX promotes the spread of blockchain payments by building and providing an environment that is easy to enter and to build upon, thereby enabling an expanding ecosystem.