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Traditional payment systems like credit/debit cards and mobile payments have been refined over decades and users around the world have grown accustomed to their simplicity and speed. Just swipe your card or tap a button on your smartphone and the transaction is completed almost instantly.

Blockchain-powered payment services may seem complex in contrast to that. Users need to understand concepts like public and private keys and need to manage their digital wallets.

We believe that in order to increase the use of blockchain-based payments, accessibility is a key feature, allowing people of all technical literacy levels to start easily.

User interfaces of existing blockchain-based wallet apps are usually more difficult to understand than existing payment apps, and functions like a Block Explorer, which are indispensable for interacting with blockchains, contain many difficult concepts that are hard to understand for general users.


In order to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of blockchain-based payment systems, UPCX allows for the creation of easy-to-understand wallets in just a few steps, in a fashion that is similar to creating a Gmail account, and provides a user friendly interface and block explorer.