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User Experience

Mobile payment apps such as WeChat Pay are loved by many users due to their ease of use. The user friendliness of being able to make payments by simply scanning a QR code or entering the recipient’s phone number has led to a wide adaptation among people of all tech-literacy levels, from the tech-savvy younger generation to the less digitally savvy seniors.

In addition to the convenience of payments, these apps have become indispensable to many people by integrating a wide range of services into an ecosystem. Such applications that can integrate and manage many aspects of a user's daily life are called super apps.

In contrast to this, blockchain technology powered payment services currently lack this level of integration. Most services stand alone, are not aligned with the wider digital ecosystem, and fall short in terms of convenience and practicality.

On the other hand, many people think that blockchain-based services are difficult to understand and require a more advanced technical knowledge to configure and use. For example, users must understand among other things how to buy and store cryptocurrencies, how to handle digital wallets, how to secure transactions, which makes many potential users hesitant to engage.

We believe that convenience equal to or greater than that of existing payment systems is the ultimate requirement for blockchain-based payment systems to widely spread among people of all age and technical literacy levels. In the same way as existing payment systems, blockchain payments must be completed almost instantly, must have low fees, and must be able to allow users to set the bearer of the fees (payer or receiver) for each transaction.

The payment operation should be as simple as tapping the smartphone several times.

In many existing blockchain-based services, users can make payments by scanning the recipient’s QR code, but merchants that have implemented custom POS systems also require the possibility to make pull payments, by for example scanning a barcode.

In addition, in order to promote payments at unmanned payment terminals such as vending machines and transportation facilities, support for NFC (Tap to Pay) would also improve the convenience of blockchain-based payment systems.


By realizing a user experience that is comparable to existing payment solutions through a super app, UPCX enables users to contribute to the wider spread and acceptance of blockchain-based payment systems.